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Brush Logo Mats

Brush Logo Mats
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Heavy Duty Non-Shedding Coir Alternative

Heavy Duty Mat
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If you need a heavy-duty alternative to a traditional coir mat our non-shedding tightly woven brush logo mats are the mat for you.

The rib construction of these mats makes them ideal for commercial settings with heavy foot traffic. Available in a range of colours - our brush logo mats are attractive and low maintenance.

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Why Choose a Brush Logo Mat?

By choosing a high-quality brush logo mat for your shop, office, warehouse, leisure centre, showroom, or even your home, you’re starting off your guest's journey in true style.

With its polypropylene rib construction and cut and inlaid logo or graphics, your new brush logo mat is the perfect, non-shedding alternative to a coir mat, and it’s packed with benefits for your business and your home.

Heavy Duty Brush Logo Mats

Brush is a great choice if you're looking for a traditional entrance mat but need something that will be able to withstand high foot traffic. A non-shedding alternative to coir, these brush mats are ribbed to provide extra rigidity and also more effectively scrape off dirt and debris from footwear whilst requiring much less maintenance and cleaning.

Brush Logo Mats

A Brush Logo Mat for Business

A Branded Welcome

With a new brush logo mat, inlaid with your stunning logo or graphics, placed at the entrance to your commercial premises, your powerful brand awareness strategy begins the moment your clients or customers enter your property.

A Safer Environment

By situating your brush logo mat at the entrance to your business premises, the unique brush design quickly and effectively removes and traps dirt and moisture from the soles of people's shoes, helping to improve safety by reducing slippery floors.

A Cleaner Building

Custom brush mats help keep your retail or office environment cleaner by removing and trapping dirt particles and rainwater at the doorstep. This means less dirt and moisture is spread around the interior floors of your space - meaning less cleaning to keep it looking pristine and fit for business.

An Aesthetic Upgrade

With the opportunity to include your logo or graphics, using a set range of colours, your new brush logo mat gives you the perfect way to brighten up and re-energise your reception, waiting area or foyer.

Made to Measure Sizing

To make sure your new brush logo mat fits your property perfectly, whether it’s located directly onto the surface of the floor, or sunk snugly into a recessed mat well area, we provide the complete made to measure brush entrance mat service.

Simply tell us the dimensions (up to 1.5 metres wide by 8 metres in length, or 2 metres wide by 6.6 metres in length), and we’ll ensure your new brush logo mat is cut to perfection, and meets all your unique specifications.

Made to Measure Brush Logo Mats

A Brush Logo Mat for the Home

Show Your True Colours

With a stunning, brilliantly coloured brush logo mat, inlaid with the design of your choice, you have the chance to show off your true colours, whether it’s demonstrating your support for your football team, displaying your cultural identity or simply featuring your property's name or street number.

Keep Your Carpets Clean

Our brush logo mats for your home are specially manufactured using ribbed polypropylene, designed to help remove and trap dirt from your visitor's shoes, before it has the chance to become ground into your carpets.

Improve Your Décor

Cheer up the porch or the hallway to your home with a stunningly designed, hardwearing brush logo mat, inlaid with personalised text and/or graphics, created using a range of standard colours.

A Low Maintenance Choice

Whether for your business or your home, our brush logo mats are designed with low-maintenance in mind. To clean, simply lift, give it a shake, and replace. Or, for a deeper clean, remove dirt using a regular household vacuum cleaner.

See it Before you Buy It

Need to see what your brush logo mat will look like before you buy? Then take advantage of our free mock-up service, where we provide a free visual of your new mat, so you know exactly what you’re getting before committing to buying.

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Quick Delivery and a 12 Month Guarantee

Once you’ve seen a visual, and you’re happy with the design of your new brush logo mat or mats, delivery will be just 7-10 working days, and will also include a 12 month guarantee covering all manufacturer's defects.

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