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Custom Mats

We custom print or cut and inlay a huge range of floor and door mats - from soft cotton to natural coir.

Free UK Delivery

On all custom logo mat orders. Our custom mats are usually delivered within 7 working days of placing an order.

Free Visual

We create a free visual image of how your mat will look before its made - with no commitment to order.

12 Month Guarantee

For your peace of mind, we offer a 12 month guarantee against manufacturer defects.

Custom Logo Mats for Leading Brands

Soft Cotton Logo Entrance Mats

Rug Logo Mats

One of our most popular entrance mat products are custom branded soft cotton logo mats. The benefit of these products besides their attractive appearance and dirt and dust control benefits are that full-colour logos, graphics and even photos can be printed on them. This makes them perfect to showcase a brand or promotional message. Learn more about full colour custom logo rugs.

Natural Coir Logo Entrance Mats

Coir Logo Mats

Rustic and welcoming - a coir logo mat is the perfect first impression for any business.
Our coir mats are made from natural coconut fibre - one of nature's most absorbent and hard-wearing materials.

Coconut fibres are naturally abrasive and hard-wearing which makes them perfect to scrape dust and soil particles from the soles of footwear. Combined with the non-slip PVC backing coir mats are both beautiful and functional.

Heavy-Duty Brush Logo Entrance Mats

Brush Logo Mats

If you need a hard-wearing logo mat but want to retain some of the rustic charms of coir. A heavy-duty alternative to coir mats, our brush mats are constructed from ribbed polypropylene which prevents the shedding of fibres often seen with natural coir mats.

Rubber Logo Entrance Mats

Rubber Logo Mats

Made from premium nitrile rubber our outdoor logo doormats are perfect for showcasing your branding or generating foot traffic whilst withstanding any weather. We can print full-colour logos and graphics onto this style of doormat.

The unique design of these mats uses the raised rubber pattern to scrape away soil and mud from the bottom of shoes and keep it away from your flooring. Learn more about rubber outdoor logo doormats.

Outdoor Logo Entrance Mats

Outdoor Logo Mats

We also offer a range of specialist outdoor logo mats - spaghetti coiled PVC vinyl outdoor logo mats, polypropylene needlefelt outdoor logo mats and polymide grass effect outdoor logo mats.

All of these logo mat products are highly weather-resistant, long-lasting and can be custom branded for you.

Logo Mats

A custom logo mat can complete the entranceway of your company premises whilst also offering the dirt, grit and dust control benefits of a regular door mat.

Custom Logo Mats

Our customised logo mats are available in numerous colours, sizes, styles and types. From printed logo mats in over 50 unique colours, traditional coir and brush logo mats to heavy duty outdoor logo scraper mats.

The Logo Mat Specialist

We've been producing premium personalised door mats since 2011 and our bespoke logo mat service is second to none: with artwork provided free of charge as part of your order. We've also designed and produced hundreds of logo mats for businesses across the UK.

UK Delivery Within 7 Working Days

Due to our experience in the industry we're able to offer extremely fast turnaround of your order, with the vast majority of our logo mats being ready within 5-7 working days.

Ideal Mats offer highly customisable logomats: allowing you to include any type of logo and choose the size, mat type, backing and mat colour.

Branded Welcome Mats

We offer a complete range of personalised, custom logo mats - from modern, full colour printed logo mats to traditional coir and brush matting.

An Ideal Mats Company

This website is operated by Ideal Mats Ltd.
Ideal Mats are a UK based matting specialist: offering a full range of floor mats. Our team has decades of experience in the matting industry, enabling us to work with the most detailed of designs and deliver consistently high quality results.

Company Logo Mats

A corporate logo mat is a strong investment for any business: not only affirming your company branding at the entrance of your premises but also protecting the interior of your building from the damaging effects of dirt, dust, grit and moisture that is carried in on visitors soles.

As well as traditional company logo mats; floor space is an untapped marketing area that can utilised to promote a strong message.